Warren Farm Interest Group is YOU!! 

The fact that you're reading this probably means you have some interest in Warren Farm Sports Centre or are just curious as to what this web site is about.

As you may have gathered by now, Warren Farm Sports Centre is the largest sports field in the Borough of Ealing. It's not in great shape (as at May 2012) and so Ealing Council have decided to award a maximum 200 year lease to QPR FC to develop the facilities for the benefit of the community and the investor. A development brief outlining the requirements has been published by Ealing Council.

You may be wondering who is behind this web site.. it's Simon Ravenscroft, a local resident and happens to work in IT. He has no agenda other than volunteering some time and skills to provide a convenient place on the internet where people can go and find out more about Warren Farm Sports Centre (oh and it gives him an excuse to experiment with Google Sites to see what it can offer).

So, since YOU are part of Warren Farm Interest Group, why not be a part of it and use this web space to share your information about the Centre? If you would like to contribute unbiased information on the site, then just get in touch.

If you like what you see on this web site and maybe have an organisation yourself (charity, club, school, business.. whatever) that you think could benefit from something similar.. then get in touch.

One last thing.. information you provide on this web site is NOT used for anything other than the intention stated at the time you provide it. We're not in this to make money or sell on your details.. it's just a place where people with an interest in Warren Farm Sports Centre can come together to learn and contribute for the benefit of each other and the local community.