The content on this page has been produced by Ealing Council Officers in response to questions raised by residents

Car parking seems limited on the indicative plans?

The level of car parking provision will form part of the planning application assessment and will be determined in the context of current planning policies. The current site plan is indicative and a full Transport Assessment is being undertaken, which will inform the level of car parking required, taking into account usage, programming etc. within the context of the above mentioned policy. QPR are also proposing a shuttle bus service from key pick up points in the borough, given the sites low Public Transport Accessibility Level (PTAL), to help reduce the need for car travel to the site. It is not envisaged that any activity on site will exceed the current capacity level of the site when hosting sporting events.

There is a need to have pedestrian footpaths and cycle provision on the site?

The public footpaths have been identified on the site in accordance with the planning documents and site plan, these will remain accessible and where re-provision is needed, to ensure that core areas of the site, can remain protected for example the first team training areas, alternative provision will be made were possible. Specific mention has been made of the access tothe site from the Hanwell area and the footpath being narrow and impassable at certain times of the year. We will review this specific area and look to make provision to improve this where possible.
In relation to the cycle routes these have been incorporated into the plans and provision will be made to help alleviate the current issues of safety along this particular stretch of Windmill Lane.

The site is Metropolitan Open Land and this brings a specific level of requirements such as usage, materials etc. What are the current thoughts in relation to these requirements?

With regards to the choice of materials and sustainable energies, this proposed development will be an exemplar facility utilising the latest sustainable energy technologies and sustainable design materials. A Sustainable Energies Assessment is currently being produced for the site, which will indicate the most suitable technologies. Current thoughts are to incorporate:
  • A Green roof
  • Bore Hole for recycling water for irrigation of pitches
  • Combined Heat and Power system – significant reducing CO2
  • Rain Water Harvesting
  • Internal room Light Sensors
The materials used in construction will be subject to approval from Ealing Council as the local Planning Authority. These will be responsibly sourced materials and in keeping with the site.

What are the proposals for floodlighting on the site?

Floodlights are required for the site and a lighting assessment is being completed for the site. The current technology in relation to floodlights has improved significantly over the years, not only in terms of energy usage but also light spillage and examples can be seen around the country at numerous sites. This item will be fully assessed as part of the planning application.

What is the proposed height of the facility given the open nature and views on the site?

The highest part of the site will be the domed indoor Astroturf facility. We will be producing elevations and massing drawings over the coming weeks to support the planning application. The mass of buildings will be kept to the current buildings location, thereby protecting the wider open nature on the site 

What are the operating hours likely to be and what will be the construction times?

The hours of operation are to be determined as this is strongly linked to the community usage and development programme, given that the professional requirements and usage on the site a primarily day time. It is not envisaged that the site will be used beyond 10 p.m. weekdays and 8 p.m. on weekends. These hours of operation will not only form part of the planning permission but also the lease agreement. In relation to the construction times, these are normally 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. weekdays and works are only allowed up to 1 p.m. on a Saturday as part of the planning permission requirements.

How will items such as pollution be managed?

The activities proposed on the site are in keeping with the current sporting uses. Therefore it is not envisaged that there will be any significant increase for these areas. The issue relating to lighting has been addressed above, and to further support the planning application and Noise Assessment will also be required as part of the planning application.

What assurances can be given that Windmill Bridge/Three Bridges will not be adversely affected?

This point is linked closing to the traffic and transport assessments that will be made for the site. As mentioned above it is not envisaged that transport will be significantly increased to the site beyond what the current capacity is. We have mentioned about the use of shuttle buses, minibus pick up etc. The hours of usage across the site will not be in conflict with current peak time usage, beyond what the site could currently have. For example professional training will be at non-peak times, higher levels of community use is likely to be evenings and weekends after the core normal working hours.

What provision is in place to make sure that the facility is maintained and use for the purpose the bidders have originally proposed?

Given the level of investment and criteria placed upon the club to retain their professional and training academy status it is in the club’s interest to look after and maintain their significant investment. In addition to this, the site will have a management and maintenance plan, as per the requirements of any building facility. This will be reviewed by the council to ensure that the quality and standards of the community facilities are maintained. This will be reflected in the lease giving the council powers to enforce if needed.
In relation to any future development or proposals for the site, as the landlord, this will require the permission of the council and will most likely be subject to planning permission, which of course will be assessed in accordance with the current designation and use of the site.

In the documents it proposed a Social Area and Bar as a requirement for the council. Given this is not a current activity on site this may attract unsocial activities to the site?

The bar/social area is not to be used as a drinking location, its requirement is solely to meet the sporting requirements and need as per NGB guidelines. For example,providing lunches during cricket matches and post-match hospitality after games. When these sporting activities are not taking place there will be no drinking or purchase of alcohol permitted.

What specific provision exists in the lease for Community access?

Community Access will be protected not only by the lease, but also by the planning permission granted for the site. This will indicate hours of use, pricing etc. This will be linked and assessed against the community development programme for the site by the council to ensure that access has been given, the community have been able to use and additional community benefits provided. Should there be a breach of these community use requirements then this would be a material breach and QPR would be at risk of losing the facility and their investment.

Who will manage the community facilities and how is the operation to be funded?

The community facilities will be run QPR Community Sports Trust, with all operational costs being underwritten by QPR Holdings. Therefore there is protection on operating costs as part of the lease arrangement and deal. The hire charges will be protected in line with other council facilities as part of the lease requirement so that people are not priced out of the facility. There will be a community advisory panel set up for the site, involving councillors, council officers, chair of the local residents’ association, NGB development officers and Sport England, to advise the council on the development plan, usage and operational elements. This will allow the council to make an informed decision if access is being restricted. It is important to note that QPR Community Sports Trust has a long track record of community delivery and this is what they have been recognised for and received awards.

What community/local representation will on the decision panel?

As indicated above the representation on this panel will be via ward councillors and resident association chairs.

What will be the cost and available usages for the indoor Facilities?

The indoor facilities will be available to the community, such as the indoor Astroturf facility. Clearly, the dedicated community facilities, indoor community hall etc. will be available for a range of activities for public meetings, training courses, leisure activities/yoga etc. As mentioned above, the cost will be protected in line with other council facilities through the lease. These activities will be reflected in the community development programme, which is a core requirement of the lease and also for which the costs are underwritten by QPR holdings are part of the land deal.

Exactly what age ranges are catered for?

The site will offer opportunities and a community programme for all age ranges. QPR Community Sports Trust currently run a comprehensive programme, as does the council’s Active Ealing Sports Development team who will be responsible jointly for the Community Development Programme. Activities will range from training courses, exercise classes, outdoor sports, meetings etc.

What non sporting activities will be permitted on the site - for example weddings, private parties/concerts etc?

The site would not be used for weddings, concerts or large private parties. The facilities proposed do not cater for such activities and they would not be in keeping with the planning designation or current use of the site. The noise and traffic generated for such events would also be an issue under planning and for local residents.

Will the community facilities be an inspiration and high quality facility in relation to other boroughs?

The quality of sports pitches will be maintained to the same level as the Category 1 academy pitches, therefore significantly enhancing the facility. The Astroturf facility will be built to Sport England’s specification, providing top quality provision. The indoor facilities, changing rooms etc., will be built to NGB criteria and will be high quality in keeping with the other facilities on site. This will allow for a true multisport site or regional significance that would be the envy of other boroughs and provide significant opportunities for our borough residents. Again the fully funded community development programme is a significant benefit on the site, something other sites would not have.

Rumours are around that the Imperial College land will form part of this development?

This project does not include the Imperial College land and does not require the site - it is completely stand alone. Should Imperial College wish to develop their site for sporting use, then this will be a separate project under their direct responsibility.

The existing entrance is dangerous by its location and currently used by local residents for parking. What provision is to be made?

The existing entrance will be retained for service vehicles and to allow access for the private housing on the site. A new main entrance for the site will be developed, to ensure it is safer to access and leave the site. Residents should not be parking on the hard standing area at the entrance to the site and therefore no additional residents’ parking provision will be made as part of this project.

Can we confirm that the site will not have a stadium located on it?

Both parties can confirm 100% that this site will not be the development site for a new stadium. It is in the wrong location and would not meet either parties’ needs, nor would it achieve planning permission.

Will litter and associated mess be increased with more visitors?

The site will have a management and maintenance plan to ensure that it is kept clean and well maintained. The site will have a dedicated grounds staff team to ensure it is kept clean and tidy, in addition to a dedicated 24-hour security team who will look after the site. Bins etc. will be located on the site, and clubs/community users will be monitored to make sure that they adhere to the booking policy and do not leave litter. If they do, they will be fined and not allowed to book at the site. It is challenging for the council to monitor this matter at present, however the dedicated grounds staff and security team will aid greatly.

How will the press and media be handled?

Press and media events are held normally on a Friday morning. Provision will therefore be made for parking on the site, as this will be outside peak usage time so can be easily
accommodated. If people are hanging around the site entrance then they will be moved on by the dedicated 24-hour security team.

How will local trades be used in the construction?

We can confirm that, where appropriate and meeting the requirements, local trade and skilled labour will be used in the construction. This was a prerequisite of the bidding process and something that forms part of the construction contract.

How many local jobs will be created from the proposal?

This number needs to be confirmed over the coming weeks. However there will be additional local jobs created, training opportunities, skills development – ranging from coaching, site management, apprenticeship schemes, site and facilities management.

There currently does not appear to be provision for childcare on site?

The design proposals are at an early stage and there is the opportunity to include child care provision on site. However this needs to be judged against other potential sites that
may be more suitable as a location. For example the current nursery will need to move off site during the construction works and the council are being actively supportive in finding an alternative location. Should an alternative location be sourced for up to 18 months that is more suitable, then investment may be made in these facilities to ensure the provision is still in the area – but potentially in a more suitable location. Should the facility come back to Warren Farm, then as with all the proposals on site the council needs to maximise the benefit to local residents. Therefore we would need to discuss with the operator the current level of places available for borough residents and also for council funded childcare places.

Will there be the opportunity for other sports related treatment services to be provided at the site?

We will not be providing dedicated facilities for people to run a business – out of such as a physiotherapy room, nutritionists, osteopaths etc. However there will be the opportunity for this type of service to be provided on specific evenings at the site in the community facility through the first aid area, community hall and changing areas.

Source: Ealing Council