JULY 2019 - MAY 2020
Infill soil deliveries continue to bring 180,000m3 of soils to site.
Grading and levelling of site in 3 phases.

JUNE 2019
Completion of demolition works.
Erection of full perimeter fencing around entire site.
Construction of new entrance on Windmill Lane.
Arrival of Earth moving equipment.
Commencement of infill deliveries.

MAY 2019
Possible restrictions marked on existing entrance used as parking.
Fencing of hardstanding area expected to be erected.
Demolition works on existing buildings expected to commence. 

APRIL 2019
Construction Logistics Plan here - Summarised on this site here.

MARCH 2019
Archaelogy Evaluation Report here - Nothing significant found, 19th century clay tobacco pipe pieces, pot fragments and building materials.
Ecological Construction Methodology Statement here and here - no bat roosts or reptiles found; 94% of Windmill Lane tree/scrub line to be retained; 100% of northern perimeter tree/scrub line (near railway) to be buffered and retained; 14% of Long Wood and Meadow will be lost but compensated for with 5.3ha of wildflower grassland around pitches and site; new bat and bird boxes to be provided; new pond to be provided.

Archaelogy Survey conducted on site to assess any areas of archaelogical interest.

JUNE 2018
Accoustic Planning Survey on site and Report here to assess baseline noise levels and set target limits.
Ecological Assessment Survey on site including bat observations.