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Norwood Green, Ealing Council Meetings

Items are debated, arguments presented, and decisions taken and scrutinised by committees. 

The minutes and decisions are a matter of public record and a full set for all committees can be found here

The most relevant committees for the Warren Farm Sports Centre proposals are below:
Local Councillors hold surgeries where residents can voice their views and ideas on matters relating to their area. The calendar on this page shows the relevant opportunities for you to meet with members of Ealing Council and include Councillor surgeries, Ward meetings and any other public meetings where you may attend. 

The Council have a Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) which should be followed for engaging the community in matters relating to the Local Development Framework and Planning Applications.

A selection of relevant documents pulled from the above is available below:
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21 May 2015 Full Planning Application (2015) Full Planning application for revised designs 2015 
16 April 2013 Planning Officer Report Report from planning officer recommending to GRANT permission. To be decided by Planning Committee on 24th April 2013 
27 March 2013 Frequently Asked Questions 2 This document expands on the previous FAQ 
24 January 2013 Norwood Green Ward Forum Minutes Neighbourhood Governance Note of Norwood Green Ward Forum held on Wednesday 24th January 2013 at Havelock Primary School 
4 January 2013 Full Planning Application  Full Planning Application submitted by QPR to Ealing Council available for public review and comment 
1 November 2012 Around Ealing Article on the future of Warren Farm Sports Centre  
3 October 2012 Norwood Green Ward Forum Minutes Neighbourhood Governance Note of Norwood Green Ward Forum held on 3rd October 2012 at Windmill Park Community Centre 
14 June 2012 Frequently Asked Questions 1 This document answers some of the most frequently asked questions concerning the Warren Farm Proposals 
14 June 2012 Slides from public meeting on 14th June These are the slides that were presented by members of Ealing Council and QPR at the public meeting on 14th June in St. Marys Church Hall, Norwood Green 
29 May 2012 Indicative Plans for Warren Farm Sports Centre Shows the indicative plans for the new QPR Training Ground and Community Sports Facility. These are likely to change as the consultation process proceeds. 
14 May 2012 Premiership club preferred bidder for sports ground  Press Release 
15 March 2012 Norwood Green Ward Forum Minutes Neighbourhood Governance Note of Norwood Green Ward Forum held on Wednesday 29th February 2012 at St Mary’s Church Hall, Norwood Green Road, Southall UB2 4LA 
12 January 2012 Report to Scrutiny  
12 January 2012 Overview and Scrutiny Meeting Minutes Scrutiny of the decision made on 20th Dec 2011 with specific interest in the length of the lease being 200 years and not 125 and considerations for User Groups 
20 December 2011 Invitation Document To offer a long term lease (of up to 200 years) on the site to an organisation/group who are able to develop the land for sporting purposes and ensure that wider community use is retained at the site. 
20 December 2011 Pre-Qualification Questionaire This PQQ is designed to secure the necessary reassurances about the capacity, capability and suitability of potential bidders to design, deliver the development and to provide and manage the sports facility over the term of the lease. The Council will evaluate the PQQ to identify Bidders who which will be invited to progress to the Request for Proposal (RFP) stage. 
20 December 2011 Development Brief Informal planning guidance, including setting out the planning policy context and an assessment of the constraints and opportunities on the site 
20 December 2011 Report for Action  
20 December 2011 Minutes of Council Cabinet Meeting Cabinet approval to market the site 
20 December 2011 Spikes Bridge Case Study  
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