The existing entrance to Warren Farm is designed to allow large vehicles to turn into the site. During demolition and construction of the QPR Training Academy and Community Facilities there will be times when large vehicle movements are required on and off the site.

Consultation with local residents is promised by the Council through the Norwood Green Ward Forum meetings to figure out a solution to local parking issues. That's the place to have your say on parking problems in the area.

In the meantime, cooperation with those using the current entrance for parking is required to allow vehicles to get on with the work of build the new facilities which will ultimately be of benefit to all.

The calendar below will indicate when parking at the entrance must be limited to "edge parking" only to allow space for vehicles to turn. "Edge Parking" is where vehicles only park up to the rear and side walls surrounding the entrance. No vehicles should be parked in the middle of the entrance during these times.

This calendar is public so you can add it to your smart phone / Google calendar to keep updated with new entries or add it as an RSS feed to your favourite feed reader (mine's Feedly).

Cooperation is needed all round if the parking is to continue. The council would be within their rights to enforce a no-parking restriction in the area if obstructions are regularly encountered by vehicles wanting to enter or leave the site.