Interested in what others have to comment about the plans? 
Here are some that have been shared with feel free to submit your own, but make sure you submit your comments to Ealing Council formally here otherwise your comments will not count!

"The buildings are rather large for such an open green space, can't they be sunk into the ground to reduce their impact?"
"I park at the entrance, I am concerned that I will be prevented from parking there in the future."
"The plans look great and a big improvement on what's currently there, I especially like the new community pavillion but am worried that it might get vandalised if not properly secured"
"The cycle lane idea is fantastic and a big improvement to road safety.. can it be extended into Trumpers Way too perhaps!"
"I am worried that press and paparazzi will gather outside our houses and cause a nuisance.. the police already have a lot on their plate, who will deal with them?"
"There's a lot of parking in there.. why is so much needed?"
"The floodlit pitch is very close to Windmill Lane, will nearby residents be affected by the light and noise and won't vehicles be dazzled by the lights?"
"Who is going to manage and maintain the community facilities? What hours will they be open?"
"Can I still walk my dog over there in the mornings and evenings?"