Letter published in the Ealing Gazette in March 2013 by the Society sharing their view on the proposals for Warren Farm.

Lord Tony Young (Gazette, 22nd March) is correct in that the Warren Farm facilities are in need of repair and rejuvenation. However, he completely misses the point that local residents, Residents’ Associations and the Brent River & Canal Society are so concerned about.

Ealing council has deliberately allowed the facilities at Warren Farm, especially the changing rooms, to run down. It is only because of this that Queen’s Park Rangers (QPR) football club has been invited to take over the area.

The land at Warren Farm is green open space. It is designated as Metropolitan Open Land and Brent River Park. It belongs to the people of the borough of Ealing. While some of the land at Warren Farm will be used by the community, much will be fenced off by QPR and used for its own purposes. Green open space that belongs to us is being taken away by Ealing council and given to a private company.

As well as taking away part of the Brent River Park, this is an extremely dangerous precedent. If a cash-strapped council thinks it can get someone else to do its job of providing community facilities by selling off its open spaces, it will be tempted to do it again. There is already a proposal to build housing over part of Gunnersbury Park (resisted so far by Ealing council) to finance work on the park.

Ealing’s open spaces are one of its finest assets and we should strongly resist them being taken away from us. Once taken, they will never be returned and Ealing will become a poorer and less green place.

Nic Ferriday, Brent River & Canal Society