Pride & Joy Day Nursery

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On this page I answer some questions about the future of the nursery and views on the proposed plans to redevelop Warren Farm Sports Centre where we reside.

Will the Nursery be represented at the public meeting on the 14th June?
All of Pride and Joy will be attending the meeting, including staff and parents.

What has the council and QPR proposed for your future?
We did have a meeting with Ealing Council and a representative from QPR at the beginning of June, and they are going to be putting a relocation plan together for Pride and Joy (within the catchment area - three miles), with the view to the nursery coming back after the redevelopment is complete (12-18 months). However this appears to be conditional on us being successful in the bidding process for the community facility.

What are your views on the future of the Nursery at Warren Farm?
Our fear is that once we have been relocated, obstacles might be put in our way either financially or in legal terms via an unworkable lease or alike that makes it unviable or uneconomical for the nursery to return to the Warren Farm site. We are also expected to pay for any area that we have dedicated use of, which of course we do not have the money for, and we have to have dedicated facilities to receive Ofsted registration due to Child Protection policies.
We are very sad that our beloved Pride and Joy team will be put out of their building after so much personal money has been put in to bring the building up to the standard (inside) that it is now. And after caring for so many of the local children and supplying the good/outstanding service that we do. 

How soon do you think this will happen?
I have been informed that our break clause will be issued within the next few months with a covering letter from Ealing Council, giving a guarantee that the nursery will be relocated and the children will have uninterrupted service within our catchment area, and in a building that we find suitable.

What sort of alternative accomodation are you wanting?
We will be looking to relocate into an Eco building that can be put down on a plot of land in the local area. Ealing’s Land Agents are in the process of looking for new premises for us.

How many children do you care for?
We are currently caring for 55 children each day over the two sessions.

Do you provide any other services to the local community?
We are also supplying services to two local primary schools for after school care and school holiday care.
We have been highlighted to supply places for underprivileged two year olds on the new government scheme as well as the twenty five funded places we already give to three/four year olds.

How many people do you employ?
We have eight full time staff with four staff currently in the midst of their apprenticeships, including leadership and management qualifications. We also supply placements for local schools and colleges for work experience and training. 

So, as you can see we are giving back to the local community in every sense of the word. 

We feel that we are a facility that the local community cannot do without.

All support is much appreciated.

Jeni Long
Nursery Manager.